The Story of Wikka

For Rupal Shabnam Tyagi, the key attribute for beauty is purity. Married into a family of royal lineage, Rupal was exposed to a life of regal traditions and beauty secrets known only to blue blood â where beauty practices that had changed little over the centuries, with simple, natural products used in grooming and maintenance. Regular visits to their family owned aromatic plantations and Mango orchards stoked her interest in Aromatherapy, leading her to pursue the discipline in depth & to become a qualified Aromatherapy practitioner from London.Wikka’s journey has been one of zero compromise in formulation of products that are guaranteed to work miracles on the mind, body and soul.

The Therapy of Aromas

Wikka products are based on Aromatherapy, the practice of using the natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant to enhance psychological and physical well-being. The aroma extracted from essential oils and natural products can stimulate brain function. Essential oils when absorbed through the skin can travel through the bloodstream and promotes holistic healing. Aroma healing is now a recognised form of alternative medicine that can aid in pain relief, mood enhancement and healing of several serious ailments. This is why Wikka products are sure shot potions to magnify your beauty and personality, in more ways than one.

Wikka’s beauty mantra is Go Natural. In a time, where even our food is artificial and chemical based, Wikka promotes purity and simplicity. Wikka’s products are free from adulteration or chemical cocktails of synthetic elements. The result is a formula, true to its idea and genuine in intent. That is how our products help enhance your skin and its health without side effects.

Treat your skin with beauty recipes known to only royal households till today. Each Wikka product has been carefully formulated and tested to ensure you look and feel like royalty at all times. It relieves stress, frees the mind, soul and spirit. Give in to your temptations and liberate yourself from inhibitions.

Let your body and face be a natural reflection of your inner beauty. Treat yourself to a royal experience.

Fragrance Solutions

In Aromatherapy the sense of smell plays a vital role in holistic healing. Wikka is a pioneer in providing an innovative and healthy fragrance solution for your premises.

Wikka Fragrance Solution, a pure, premium and customized aromatherapy fragrance solution for corporate, retail and hospitality sector that delivers mental, emotional and physical boost to employees / clients / guests / buyers and encourages desired behaviors through the potent power of therapeutic grade essential oils. This unique customized Brand Fragrance that we develop for you will not only add to your brand identity but will also create a brand recall through the power of smell.

Bespoke Perfumes

Bespoke Perfumes are handcrafted luxury scents from the House of Wikka. Each personalised perfume is curated based on a person’s personality trait for the people who admire finer things in life. Taking forward the tradition of wearing signature scents, Bespoke Perfumes by Wikka are rich, highly sophisticated and equisite scents infused with rare essential oils.