Aromatic fragrances are the best ways to begin our journeys towards well-being and health. These fragrances come from nature which has been a tremendous source of inspiration and healing in aromatherapy for years now. It is the exotic plants and wildflowers that our ancestors used for healing, meditation, medication, and more. When modern-day problems are dealt with using the ancient science of aromatherapy, magical things happen.

We specialise in crafting tailor-made fragrances for retail, workspaces, food courts, malls, airports, gyms, courtyards, restaurants, hospitals and more. Our secret is using only pure, therapeutic essential oils to make our potions.

Wikka strives to make the world healthier through fragrance solutions derived from rare, healing plants. In this process, we make sure to use the best natural ingredients. Our concoctions are natural and harmful chemical-free. We make all our fragrances in-house, under the guidance of our Co-Founder, Perfumer and Aromatherapy healer Rupal Shabnam Tyagi.

Every fragrance is unique to the space and requirements. Our curation of fragrances for different spaces follows extensive research, trials, sampling, and more. Some of our very popular fragrances include Lavender, White lotus, Bergamot, Neroli, Frangipani, Oudh, Green tea, Lemon as prominent notes.

Fragrant spaces that reflect the taste and vibe of the company/brand works like a charm. It helps achieve desired results in a specific time frame. Be it promoting an anxiety-free workspace or inviting people to have meaningful connections in the courtyard, these natural fragrances get the job done.

Take your business towards well-being and health with Wikka Fragrance Solutions.

A fragrance wheel is depicted below to give you an introduction to fragrance notes and vocabulary. For any specific fragrance note you can connect with our Co-Founder and Perfumer for a fragrance consultation.