The innovatively healthy fragrance solution for your premises

It is our privilege to present Wikka Fragrance Solutions, a pure, premium and customized aromatherapy fragrance solution. An ideal for corporate, retail and hospitality sector that delivers mental, emotional and physical boost to encourage desired behaviors through the potent power of therapeutic grade essential oils. This customized Brand Fragrance that we develop for you will not only add to your brand identity but will also create a brand recall through the power of smell.

What is Wikka Fragrance Solutions 

Importance of Fragrance in Visual Merchandising
  • An excellent opportunity to convert browsers into customers. An interesting and pleasing fragrance will attract a customer and make him feel at ease making them linger longer in the store. Typically the longer they stay the more they will spend.
  • A pleasing and well distributed fragrance will enhance the customer’s comfort and convenience while shopping and overall offer a superior shopping experience.
  • Customer behaviour studies have confirmed that a pleasing and attractive fragrance of the store proves irresistible as customers walk in to check out what is on offer.
  • Wikka Fragrance Solutions also ensures exclusivity as no two stores should smell alike.
How smell affects your mind and spending
  • Your sense of smell is one of the most powerful among the senses. Just a whiff of a scent can trigger past memories, whet an appetite, uplift a mood or create a general sense of well-being.
  • Smells can have an effect on what we buy, how much we spend. Researchers at Chicago University found that 84 per cent of shoppers found identical new shoes more attractive when they were displayed in a room with a pleasant scent compared to one with no smell.
  • A pleasant smell can calm the nerves, lift the spirit , refresh your mood and overall de-stress the customer and even get him into the shopping mode even on a stressful weekday.
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